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DAM’s and Puppies

All our dogs are well-cared for, our house dogs. While some of our girls may have started out as working dogs, we've chosen to keep them as playful and loved house animals.

All animals are kept in a sustainable environment, keeping true to the fact that they are our family pets. When pregnant, all expecting-mums are treated with respect and they're moved to a designated welping area for safety and comfort.

All of our puppies are extremely loved! We are a family run business and we have young children ourselves, the puppies are loved and handled from early on, resulting in them being prepared for their new families with a little less anxiety than others.

We care a lot about our animals, and love them as that; our pets, our family.

While we have made a successful business from our pure-bred Border Collies, we wont settle for just anyone, our puppies will go to only the best homes and we have a criteria that we ask to be met before purchasing one of our puppies.

Keep scrolling to view our gallery of females- some are previous mums, expecting mums, one-day mums, and puppies we couldn't let go of!

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Bowie West Puppy Gallery

Pup’s in their Forever Homes

When Bowie West Border Collie puppies transition into their new homes, it can be a time full of questions and concerns- sometimes leaving you feeling pretty out of depth.

Bowie West Border Collies is always open-armed and willing to help you at any stage, even after you take your little one home with you!

We love nothing more tham to receive feedback, photos and updates on our Bowie West Border Collie puppies and wanted to share some below!

All of these puppies are happy in their new homes, not for sale.

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