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Bowie West Border Collies has open Expressions Of Interests on all our soon-to-be and one-day mums.

While submitting an EOI is a great idea, there are a few things you should know first. You can submit your preferences on sex and colour, however, this can not be guaranteed from the next litter. Ultimately, you could be waiting for the next litter if you don't want to budge on preference. Below are the steps in which you'll need to take to submit your successful Expression Of Interest.

Identify which Dam you prefer. There will be details in their individual profile regarding the rough time of their next expected litter.


Determine which sex you're looking for. It is also worth considering colour (These can not be guaranteed in the next expecting litter).


We ask that you send through a bit of information about yourself, your family, location etc.. We want our puppies to go to only the very best homes.


Once you have collaborated all information and we've had a chat about the expectations, the wait time- what you are required to do, what we will do along the way for you, and what you'll get with your puppy- you'll be required to pay a nonrefundable deposit.


The nonrefundable deposit is to secure a puppy for you. We can not guarantee preferences such as sex or colour, but we run a competitive business that operates highly off pre-sold puppies. If you choose to not change your preferences, we are happy to reserve a puppy of specific attributes from the next litter. Refunds will not be made unless the litter is smaller than anticipated, or there are health related issues. 

** Please note that EOI will not open until an X-ray has been performed to confirm quantity of puppies.

While we offer EOI and pre-sold/paid puppies, there is always the possibility of having puppies that are not sold before their birth. If there are any puppies without homes, they will be advertised and sold after they are microchipped and immunised; ready for their new homes at 8 weeks of age.

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