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Bowie West "Harry"

Bowie West "Harry" is our Stud Dog, but a family pet first and foremost.

Unfortunately, Harry wasn't welcomed into the world so nicely, and he was tormented and abused by his first owner, another breeder who chose to treat Harry's sometimes barking with an electric collar; he was only a puppy.

Harry was only 10 months old when we bought him from this breeder, hoping to give him the best life possible- and what a complete turn around he has done now! 

Harry is now a beloved pet that has learnt to not be afraid, he is very loved by our children and has proven to be the missing part of our family.

Harry is the most loving dog we have had- an amazing temperament and his growth is phenomenal! It doesn't take a lot of work to show an animal you care for them, and Harry knows this now. It was hard work in the early days, but now at two years old, you'd never guess he was abused and shown unfair discipline


Harry is our Stud-Dog, the face of our little family business and an incredible animal in himself. 

He is a Blue Long Haired purebred Border Collie who stands at just above knee height. He is playful and loves attention.


While he is still very young and learning more every day, he has recently become a proven sire to his first litter of puppies, and we are looking forward to see where he goes from here.

Bowie West "Harry" is available for Stud with an inexpensive and considerate service fee. Please contact us directly if you wish to learn more about the process or to extend an expression of interest.

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